Better Habits

Better Habits is an advanced tool designed to help you change your life.


It helps you achieve your habits across all timeframes—daily, weekly, monthly, yearly—and records data about your life so you can tell whether your habits are helping you reach your goals.


Ready to track your habits?

1.8 (2022-05-26): Added cell protection to correlation cell and others (to avoid accidental deletion) 1.7 (2022-01-31): Updated goal progress view and fixed correlation 1.6 (2022-01-17): Reduced row count to optimize performance and switched ordering of data type and goal 1.5 (2021-09-11): Added tips section, including time zone adjustment 1.4 (2021-08-28): Highlighted the current date on the Daily Sheet 1.3 (2021-08-06): Adjusted freeze bars 1.2 (2021-08-05): Minor documentation changes, removed protected cells since they don't appear after copying the sheet 1.1 (2021-08-03): Minor documentation changes 1.0 (2021-07-25): Initial release