2021-10 Website Development Notes

Should ABCD be done on a problem level or intervention level?

The issue is we have different problems/solutions/interventions like air pollution, fluoride, heart disease, etc that each have multiple approaches to solve the problem

Air pollution has air purifiers, masks, etc each of which have their own efficacy levels, costs, etc

Fluoride has water fluoridation, fluoridated toothpaste, etc

Heart disease has WFPBD, aspirin, et

I think a good idea could be to have ABCD done on the cause level to prevent duplication, and then automatically substitute the net benefit of each intervention (default to top or sum?), or just use the top intervention for ABCD

The right answer will probably arise over time as I give this a try

For ease of use I could do this on a problem as well as an intervention level

We could have problems —> interventions —> products (could be informational, practical, physical, digital, etc)

The intervention-level ABCD will probably be used for prioritization

To avoid a multi-level situation the high-level problem can use the ABCD of the best intervention, since it's the solutions that matter I guess

What wording should we use for problems and interventions?

For example, verbs? Like "improve air quality" or simply nouns like "air quality?" I think that good wording with verbs conveys the action we want users to take and may help with SEO especially if we use appropriate terms that come up in Google search results.