2021-11 Cosmic Features

  • Internal and external links on a page should be automatically generated page attributes (as well as authors, date)
  • Filter knowledge graph (which includes hierarchy) by attribute
  • "Knowledge graph" should have various filters, order bys, and views, like a normal/list view, an outline view, a graph view, a table view (including attributes), etc - we should probably allow for advanced keyword searching too, including on the page
    • Take inspiration from Obsidian's metadata search functionality
    • Make this embeddable into pages as well, with default allowable search methods (like show ordering by date as an option) and optional default values (only show from 2019 to 2020)
  • Filter entire website by multiple criteria?
  • Multiple intervention levels—overall area (air quality), specific method (air filter), specific product ($250 air purifier)
    • Inherit attributes up and down