What is Sleek?

Sleek is a new sender-based email app created with speed and quality in mind. You can access it with your favorite desktop browser, or on your mobile phone browser!

Why should I use Sleek?

Made for Speed

Sleek implements sender-based grouping which lets you see your emails from one sender all at once, making your email experience a lot faster!

Labels and Customization

Sleek lets you create your own labels, and customize the actions for certain senders. Redirect or move any sender to a label!

Productivity Reimagined

With Sleek, experience a user interface built with productivity as its core value, allowing access to all your email accounts in the same place. No more window and tab switching!

Deal with Unwanted Senders Easily

Tired of deleting and hiding many emails from one sender? Sleek lets you unsubscribe from a sender in just one click!

Data Policy

Sleek is committed to your privacy. We do not store the content of your emails, i.e., the email body. In order to group and organize emails, we store email metadata with the email’s sender, subject, and date.

Inbox Security

With Sleek’s Screener feature, you can easily screen new senders before they slide to your inbox, making it easier to spot potential spam.

What are the email providers that work with Sleek?

At the moment, Sleek only supports Gmail but we are working our best to add more email providers soon. Stay tuned for updates!

If you have any email provider you would like to use with Sleek, you may send your request to support@sleekemail.com.

Who is behind Sleek?

Sleek is created by Better, PBC. It is one of Better’s first ventures by its social impact-focused lab and startup studio.